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VerVent's Megatorque 20 Drive Train

The outcome of an innovative engineering process

The development of the VerVent’s Megatorque 20 and system integration is based on existing technologies. Design elements of the drivetrain include:

Main shaft unit with two pre-loaded taper-roller bearings integrated in a heavy-duty cast housing, a product development originating from German Main Bearing Unit (MBU) specialist Eolotec.

Incorporation of a low-speed coupling originating from Austrian specialist Geislinger.

From the high-speed generator side, the gearbox is protected especially against grid-fault related peak loads via a flexible connection with integrated overload clutch, the latter originating from a German world market leader KTR.

The VerVent gearbox concept is based upon the well-known and proven drivetrain principle of the Germany-based company RENK, constructing gearboxes for many years.

VerVent offers with its Megatorque 20 turbine concept a drivetrain solution neutral to third-party power electronics location preferences.

VerVent's IP and patent basis position plus the modular design with high scaling flexibility up to 20MW+, makes the high-capacity MegaTorque 20 drivetrain concept well positioned to meet current and future offshore wind demands.

The designs of the Megatorque and MergedGear 20 concepts are the intellectual property of VerVent B.V. The design, technical specifications and innovation are described in three patents. The first of these is EP 3 027 902 B1: Wind Turbine VerVent 1.0, where the innovation and main claim is the bevel gearbox. Second, there are P100349PC00: Wind Turbine VerVent 3.0 and P100381PC00: Wind Turbine Vervent 3.1.

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In 2022, VerVent filed for patents in international regions for the developed gearboxes. This gives us the freedom to release multiple technical details.For more detailed technical about VerVent Megatorque 20 information: download this document.


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