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Eize de Vries
Technology Manager

Owner at Rotation Consultancy:

• International professional working experience in renewable energy, animal drawn transportation, water lifting, et cetera across Africa, Asia, and Europe

• Wind technology and market trends consultant for leading wind power and renewable energy publications, contributions include specialist technology features, technology

• Specialist consultancy support to wind industry start-ups and others with technology evaluation, product development, technology optimizing, LCA’s, etc.

• Senior lecturer Sustainable Technology at Academy for Technology, Innovation & Society Delft (NL)

Key competencies:

 Wind technology and market trends consultant and analyst

 Technology and market trends watcher

 Business sense

 Technical writing

30+ year experience as renewable technology specialist.

Vervent BV
Nijverheidsstraat 3
1741 EL Schagen
The Netherlands

Bertrand van Leersum
Business Development Manager
Phone: +31 (0) 6 1030 9665